Introducing Polycorn.Finance !

Hello fellow humans, we heard you like unicorns… Let me show you how polycorns are way better 🌈 !

First let me introduce myself, I am Decentralized Stef, previously a french human but now evolved into a 7-horned polycorn. Some might know me for some un-related BSC projects. But know that I am not alone, I am followed by a team composed of 4 polycorns just landing on the Polygon Network 🚀.

So what is ?

It’s a project to gather the best informations and the best yields around the Polygon network. We will open various social medias like Telegram and Twitter where we will all be able to share last news and informations.

We have some tech background so we can also review code of the different projects around, trying to find some safe and profitable platforms.

So to be clear, our first goal is to build an awesome community.

So no token ? No platform ?

No worries ! We will have both of them !

On top of this community, we want to create a self-driven application based on community favourite platforms.

Nice ! So what is different from other platforms ?

Basically the problem we want to solve is that most of the time, each new yield farming platform is very profitable for the first investors at the expense of late investors

There is as much money earned by some users than lost by others users within the financial ecosystem of a single application. This is easy to understand as some users will deposit liquidity when others will withdraw this liquidity…

So no money or value is created… this is just a kind of ‘farming race’ where you need to be smarter or faster than other competitors… And this is not what we want

So what if we could create an ecosystem in which there is more liquidity inside the ecosystem than what investors have provided ?!

Yes this is possible and that’s what we will do, let me explain :

The goal is to offer you one of the best sustainable yield farming platform around by ‘draining liquidity’ from the best platforms within the Polygon ecosystem (chosen and discussed with the community).

To achieve that, our farms and pools are a bit more evolved than the other forks around, we tuned the smart contracts to add an awesome and ‘game-changing’ feature: when you stack on our farms we reward you with the native platform token (YCorn token), but a strategy contract will, behind the scene, also use your liquidity to drain rewards from other platforms.

And this drained liquidity will then be used to empower Polycorn.Finance, with some awesome things like buy-back & burn, airdrops, extra pools to earn ‘True Coins’ like Matic or ETH, extra liquidity if needed, audits, and so on… Basically we will try to handle this liquidity to create an organic and sustainable growth for Polycorn.Finance 💰.

Sounds good right 😜?

And by the way, I know this is worth to mention, but our farms and pools will not have any deposit fee !

Ok but is it safe ?

We will choose to drain liquidity only from the safest project, and we will always review and do internal audits of every project we will drain from.

But be aware that the 0% risk is unfortunatly impossible.

When will it launch ?

So we will start the community channels with news right now, but you will have to wait a bit more before the dapp.

We will launch a countdown very soon, and know that our best polycorn engineers are working on it.

So feel free to join us :

Twitter :

Telegram :

Website (still under construction) :

That’s all for now, a new medium article will follow soon explaining YCorn tokenomic and available farms at launch !

Bye Bye !

Community platform around Yield Farming on Polygon Network