Today we’d like to give you a better understanding of our liquidity draining protocol’s strenght and why it is a game changer!

1 — What is a liquidity draining protocol?

I guess it’s worth being explained again!

When you stake non native LPs on Polycorn Finance, you earn YCORN… Indeed it’s a good thing 😙 .

But the true game changer is that Polycorn Finance stakes your LPs on another trustworthy platform such as Apeswap, Quickswap, Wault or Iron Finance (more platforms are coming !) to earn their native token (Banana, Quick, Wex and Ice for now).

🌈 In case you missed it here is a raw recap of the AMA. 🌈

So we recommend you to read it on their telegram : this will be probably easier to read

GP {BETODRIVE}, [5/08/2021 à 17:02]

Let’s kick start with an introduction of you and your team, what are your past experiences and roles?

Decentralized Stef, [5/08/2021 à 17:02]

Well thx for having me here !

Decentralized Stef, [5/08/2021 à 17:03]

I’ll be honnest I only discovered you a few days ago (shame on me)… But at least now I know where the REAL talks around Polygon…

Here is a short article that everyone can understand about why we were considered as a ‘high risk’ platform, and how we dealt with it

The issue !

So basically everything began when went through scanner.

Our code was compared to a database of code used for rugs.

One of our function definitions matched a function definition used by PolyButterfly to rug and particularly one parameter called _lpToken :

Here is our main token : YCorn token 🌈 !

1. Draining Farms :

So as mentionned in the first Medium article, remember that all our farms except native token ones (so basically YCorn/USDC & YCorn/Matic for now), will drain liquidity from other platforms.

What does ‘draining liquidity’ means here ? It means that the LPs stacked on our farms are also stacked on other platforms, and the rewards from the other platforms are sold and reinvested into Polycorn.Finance.

Example : We will probably have a ETH/USDC Farm at launch using QuickSwap LPs. If you stack on our farm you will earn $YCorn tokens…

We are happy to introduce a special pre-launch token called YDrop !

YDrop has a 30K max supply, and will have a special fleeting pool for the first month of Polycorn.Finance DApp. To resume you will be able to stack YDrop to earn free YCorn when the DApp is launched !

The team will not provide any liquidity on YDrop so you’ll probably not be able to sell it. This is just a free token to earn free rewards !

Nice ! So how do we get these YDrop token ?

Most of it will be distributed on our Telegram ( and Twitter ( during the next 10 days, so be sure to join and follow us !

Also know that DApp launch countdown will begin soon ! So stay tuned !

Hello fellow humans, we heard you like unicorns… Let me show you how polycorns are way better 🌈 !

First let me introduce myself, I am Decentralized Stef, previously a french human but now evolved into a 7-horned polycorn. Some might know me for some un-related BSC projects. But know that I am not alone, I am followed by a team composed of 4 polycorns just landing on the Polygon Network 🚀.

So what is ?

It’s a project to gather the best informations and the best yields around the Polygon network. …

Polycorn Finance

Community platform around Yield Farming on Polygon Network

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