Here is a short article that everyone can understand about why we were considered as a ‘high risk’ platform, and how we dealt with it

The issue !

So basically everything began when went through scanner.

Our code was compared to a database of code used for rugs.

One of our function definitions matched a function definition used by PolyButterfly to rug and particularly one parameter called _lpToken :

Here is our main token : YCorn token 🌈 !

1. Draining Farms :

So as mentionned in the first Medium article, remember that all our farms except native token ones (so basically YCorn/USDC & YCorn/Matic for now), will drain liquidity from other platforms.

What does ‘draining liquidity’ means here ? It means that the LPs stacked on our farms are also stacked on other platforms, and the rewards from the other platforms are sold and reinvested into Polycorn.Finance.

Example : We will probably have a ETH/USDC Farm at launch using QuickSwap LPs. If you stack on our farm you will earn $YCorn tokens…

We are happy to introduce a special pre-launch token called YDrop !

YDrop has a 30K max supply, and will have a special fleeting pool for the first month of Polycorn.Finance DApp. To resume you will be able to stack YDrop to earn free YCorn when the DApp is launched !

The team will not provide any liquidity on YDrop so you’ll probably not be able to sell it. This is just a free token to earn free rewards !

Nice ! So how do we get these YDrop token ?

Most of it will be distributed on our Telegram ( and Twitter ( during the next 10 days, so be sure to join and follow us !

Also know that DApp launch countdown will begin soon ! So stay tuned !

Hello fellow humans, we heard you like unicorns… Let me show you how polycorns are way better 🌈 !

First let me introduce myself, I am Decentralized Stef, previously a french human but now evolved into a 7-horned polycorn. Some might know me for some un-related BSC projects. But know that I am not alone, I am followed by a team composed of 4 polycorns just landing on the Polygon Network 🚀.

So what is ?

It’s a project to gather the best informations and the best yields around the Polygon network. …

Polycorn Finance

Community platform around Yield Farming on Polygon Network

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